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// Why do people choose Ajax?

  • Ajax - the best burglar alarm in Europe according to the prestigious IFSEC Awards 2017
  • 15 components to protect your home or office 24/7/365
  • Stylish design of each component in elegant white or solid black
  • Remote security monitoring of your facility

// How it works?

The Ajax Security System mobile application turns a security system into a user-friendly gadget. Arm Ajax with a few taps. Receive notifications instantly through the SwiftAlerts high-speed protocol, which modern messengers will envy.

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// Products

Ajax kits for an apartment, villa or office



Ajax Hub, Ajax DoorProtect,
Ajax MotionProtect Plus

from €280€350



Ajax Hub, Ajax DoorProtect, Ajax MotionProtect Plus, Ajax HomeSiren

from €340€440



Ajax Hub, Ajax DoorProtect, Ajax MotionCam, Ajax StreetSiren

from €450€550

Entire product line



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Hub 2


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MotionProtect Outdoor


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MotionProtect Plus


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MotionProtect Curtain


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DoorProtect Plus


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FireProtect Plus


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// Our advantages

Ajax burglar alarm is a high-tech security system that is distinguished by the following features:

Wireless work

Using proprietary protocols for wireless data transmission, the connection of signal and electrical conductors is not required. Jeweler wireless technology is highly secure against hacking, and the batteries will allow the sensors to work offline for several years.

Stylish look

AJAX designers managed to achieve the perfect appearance of each alarm device. Laconic and minimalistic design of the sensor housings will be appropriate as in any interior. You can choose one of two available colors - elegant white or strict black.

Full autonomy

All Ajax sensors are powered by replaceable batteries, the energy reserve in them can last up to seven years of autonomous continuous operation. The current charge level is continuously monitored and indicated by the corresponding symbol in the application.

Lightning fast response

Ajax sensors accurately detect intrusion in less than a second. The devices are armed with digital algorithms and multi-factor models of hazard recognition, which in addition reduce false alarms to zero.Instant reaction to events helps prevent adverse effects.

// Installation

One of the main rules for the reliable operation of the Ajax alarm system is the quality installation and configuration of all components!

Our company offers you free qualified assistance in the development of a security project, turnkey installation, as well as its services for the commissioning of any Ajax equipment.

Fill out the form below and we will ensure that your apartment, house or office is always under the quality protection of Ajax.

// Frequently Asked Questions

Will the alarm work if electricity is lost?

Yes, the sensors support battery life of up to several years, and the Ajax Hub works offline, without power up to 15 hours. Notifications in the absence of electricity are transmitted using the mobile Internet and SMS notifications.

How many sensors does the Ajax Hub support?

At the moment, the Ajax Hub security alarm system supports connecting up to 100 devices - these can be motion, opening, breaking, smoke, leakage sensors or actuators - sirens and relays.

Does the alarm respond to pets, such as a dog or cat?

If your animal weighs less than 20 kg and has a height of up to 50 cm, the motion sensor will not respond to it.

What is the difference between Ajax and conventional surveillance cameras?

Unlike surveillance cameras that simply detect hacking or theft, Ajax reacts to events instantly, which helps prevent adverse effects.

How many users can control Ajax alarms on one site?

Ajax security alarms at one facility can be controlled by up to 50 users. In addition, the alarm administrator can manage the rights of each of the users to control the main and additional functionality.

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